Strategic HR & OD Services

PCMM Implementation

The primary motivation for integrating People CMM within an organisation is to radically improve its ability to attract, develop, motivate, organize, and retain the talent needed to continuously improve internal capabilities. People CMM describes an evolutionary improvement path from ad hoc, inconsistently performed practices, to a mature, disciplined development of the knowledge, skills, and motivation of the work force, from Level - 1 (lowest, chaos) to Level - 5 (highest, optimized).

Our DRIVE™ methodology ensures that you achieve a quick turnaround on implementation of PCMM practices in your organization. And our systemic and metrics-driven approach will enable you to not just get certified but savour the real benefits of PCMM.

The Case for PCMM: Process and quality certification models such as ISO, COPC, CMM/CMMi and others, traditionally focus on organizational improvement with respect to Operational Processes or Technology. But in fact, a closer look at the operational capabilities of a business organization will reveal that successful delivery of its products and services depends on three primal factors:

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Technology

It becomes obvious that of the three factors, Process and Technology are essentially tools used and driven by People. Another glaring fact was the total absence of a distinctive model which focused on efficient People Practices and the issues therein.

This state of affairs set the stage for the emergence of the People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM). The PCMM model helps organizations assess workforce maturity, establish development programs, set action plans, integrate workforce development with process improvement and establish a culture of excellence. Based on current best practices in human resources, knowledge management and organizational development, the People CMM consists of five maturity levels that lay successive foundations for managing and developing the people assets of the organization.

With our experience across industry verticals, we at Stratandops are fully equipped to guide you in the successful implementation and certification of PCMM practices, with minimal turnaround times and maximised benefits.

HR Process Engineering & Audit

As with any well used machine, it is vital that organisational systems and frameworks be kept up to date from the perspective of efficiency and effectiveness. In a figurative sense, this involves tightening the nuts & bolts where needed and re-engineering them to stay contemporary and comprehensive.

The HR audit service from Stratandops brings to table the following objectives:

  • Identifying existing policies, processes and practices in various functional areas
  • Analyzing process and operational efficiencies & effectiveness
  • Identifying areas where best practices are being successfully used and recommend areas for improvement

Following the audit process, the findings give us fodder to proceed to the process engineering phase. This involves:

  • Re-engineering inefficient processes, and/or
  • Creating new or enhanced HR strategies and frameworks

Process engineering can be carried out for a single sub-functional area or for the entire HR function. We bring in a high level of expertise and unbiased approach to partner you in auditing, maintaining and upgrading your people systems. In cases where you don't have a specific HR system in place, we help you engineer a business aligned process which delivers exactly what you are looking for.

Competency Framework

Today's businesses are constantly seeking the right tools and strategies to IDENTIFY, MANAGE and DEVELOP TALENT to maintain their edge over competition. Competency frameworks have emerged as the one stop shop for this business requirement. Depending on the process and the robustness of the competency framework used, the business can quickly determine the competency requirement for superior performance.

Adding a competency framework to your talent management program can help you define the set of practises needed for effective performance and accountability. The Stratandops approach to designing competency framework makes it easy to use and removes common biases associated with the mapping process. Our unique approach allows executives to make a distinction between an employee's ability to do specific tasks at the minimum acceptable level and the ability to do the role in an outstanding fashion. The framework can be used to provide a solid foundation for selection, development, succession planning, and performance and capability assessment.

The Stratandops competency mapping process is a uniquely effective solution as it identifies the competency requirement for a specific job/level in the organization. This is accomplished through our reliable and measurable competency dictionary with validated proficiency levels. Some unique benefits of our competency mapping process are:

  • Global applicability and acceptance
  • Degree of detailing
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Better buy-in of the stakeholders
  • Practicality and ease of use

Assessment and Development Centers

We believe that generic Assessment and Development Centres deliver only if they have been crafted and customized to your specific business needs. This is where our deep understanding of business processes, HR systems and psychometric tools come into play. Our Assessment & Development Centres offer a 1:1 relationship between the facilitator and the participant. A high trust relationship is built with the participant to ensure prompt feedback and successful follow through.

The Stratandops team is certified and has hands-on experience on a number of tools and methodologies that equip us to craft the Assessment and Development Centres as per your unique requirement.

  • Certified DISC Assessor (Thomas Assessments)
  • Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA) (TTI)
  • Certified Professional Value Analyst (CPVA) (TTI)
  • Certified Professional TriMetrix Analyst (CPTA) (TTI)
  • Learning & Development certification (ISTD)
  • Certified NLP Practitioner (NFNLP, USA)
  • Learning Styles (VARK)
  • Excellence in Learning Leadership (iProdigy)
  • Behavioural Event Interviewing (P3HR)
  • Six Thinking Hats (De Bono TS)

Executive Coaching & HR Team Mentoring

Businesses today require the HR department to be a strategic business partner to create, change and sustain a high-performing organizational culture. HR professionals are continuously being urged to drive organizational growth with newer ideas and initiatives.

At Stratandops, we are well equipped to provide critical mentoring and coaching skills to senior executives & HR teams. Our coaching & mentoring program focuses on the formal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and also, the psychosocial (i.e. friendship, role modelling, counselling, and acceptance) support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development.

Through our dedicated guidance, we ensure that our proteges in your organization continue to work at the optimal level of motivation and competence, staying ahead of the curve and constantly coming up with best practices instead of just borrowing them.

We have an exclusive tie-up with The People Academy, Inc. of the US for the PEOPLE Model™ and associated resources.

Best Employer Branding

In the present scenario, where companies are competing for the best talent, the employer brand, at times, becomes more relevant when compared to other critical factors like job profile and the compensation package. An employer brand essentially represents the core values of an organisation. Building such a brand requires severe introspection and analysis on part of the company. We help you find the answers to your questions such as - 'What kind of a company are we and what do we want to become?' and 'How do we live up to the expectations of our employees and stakeholders?' Building the "Best Employer Brand" is our forte, where we ensure that you get more than just the targeted results from your investments on employee schemes and HR processes.

Using our DRIVE™ methodology, we dive deep into your people process, internal & external communication processes, employee needs & satisfaction, management intent and competitive climate. We give you detailed analysis, strategy and implementation plan that enables you to take concrete steps towards building a powerful "Best Employer Brand". Partnering us gives you specific advantages that others may find difficult to provide. Advantages such as:

  • Comprehensive business perspective
  • Keen understanding of employee mental models
  • Deep knowledge of communication processes
  • Functional exposure to consumer branding